About Rachel

In a nutshell, I’m not sure how you would describe me.

My BFF calls me crazy. So does my husband, but I’m not the one who married me. I am loved by an Almighty God, even though I don’t deserve it. I’m married to a patient, intelligent, adorably witty man. In November 2015 I gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl, and watching my husband become a father has been one of my life’s greatest pleasures. I’m also Mama to a fur child named Dixie. She’s a miniature dachshund and I’m now obsessed with all things wiener dogs. I’m a daughter and a sister. A Muggle who wishes she could go to Hogwarts. I love: popcorn, snuggling, boating, and singing really loud. I dislike: alcohol (because of the taste), migraines, and bedtime, but also getting out of bed, too.

I live in Waterloo, Iowa but travel all across the country to photograph amazing people. So if you’re not in Iowa, never fear, for I will travel to you!

Other randomness:

• I always sing super loud driving in the car.
• I’d give almost anything to live in Paris. Or France in general.
• Since 2015 I’ve had a blind spot in my left eye. The doctors don’t know why, and say it will never go away.
• Top knot buns are my favorite way to wear my hair.
• I get crazy carsick. Well, not pukey, but nauseated and a migraine.
• Money burns holes in my pockets. Spending it causes anxiety in my husband.
• I have to have a fan on to sleep, and I wear socks to bed.
• I am a severe hypochondriac. Seriously, don’t let me anywhere near WebMD.
• I believe you should always look nice when out and about – it shows respect to those around you. (And you never know who you might run into!)
• Bread, pasta, and cheese are my main food groups, and I could totally live without bacon, cream cheese, and yes, cheesecake. (Blehh!)
• I never watched Friends until 2015. I finished the whole series in two weeks and cried.
• I often wish I could live in an RV and just travel the country for a year or two.

I am an accidental environmentalist.

Plastic is killing our planet (and potentially our bodies). Our “convenient, disposable” culture is putting us on a fast track to an uninhabitable planet (think Wall•E, the movie). I was once wrapped up in it, too, but there is NO “away” when you throw something in the trash. It’s a constant process and struggle, something even I am constantly working on. Check out some of my tips to reduce your household waste, and check out this blog on Zero Waste living. We can’t change our trajectory unless everyone does their part.

I am passionate about women’s issues.

Women are incredible. But our culture has made life a lot harder for women than it should be. Eating disorders because of unattainable cultural expectations. Infertility & miscarriage, and the fact that many women feel like they are struggling all alone, when it is so much more common than you can imagine. Shaming women for breastfeeding in public, because our culture has decided that the only thing women’s breasts are good for is sex and for men to oogle at. Women are silently struggling and no one is talking about it. It has to change. We deserve so much better.  


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So now you know a little bit about me.

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